Monday, November 24, 2008

Par 6 Anyone?

I have become a big fan of this game called Disc Golf. Heard of it? We have a really good course here in Fresno and my family and I play every weekend we are in town. 18 holes or baskets with par 3 for every hole. That means that your score should be 54 or lower… hahahaha! My score this week was 87, almost my best score too. So obviously I am not going pro anytime soon, but it is a great way to spend a Saturday. It is a 2.5 mile walk all the way around the course that does not include the double backs that you do to get your Frisbee. It is almost a full body work out because you are bending down to get the Frisbee a lot, and then throwing the disc, which for me involves a full rotation of my entire body, plus the walking. We have all bought the neato Frisbees for the game, and it definitely improved our scores. But sometimes we take the time to watch the other guys on the course, and they are so serious about the game. Majority of them can throw the disc on their drive and get it almost within a few feet of the basket. And their drives make it look almost effortless. My dad and Brother can get it within 10-20 feet, and myself, it takes me a minimum of 3 throws to get it even close to the basket. The point for us though is to have fun. I highly recommend this game for anyone and everyone who has not experienced it.

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amy said...

I LOVE Disc fact I just noticed a course RIGHT next to my work. Weird because i work in a fairly urban area with not a lot of parks, etc. coolness.