Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life Moves On

As a result of the lack of jobs at the end of the year I have taken the opportunity to join my parents on an excursion to Colorado. We have been having a blast. Since we are down to one dog (Cleo had to be put down in Oct.) we decided to bring Mocha with us and let her experience snow for the first time. I can definitely say she is a California Dog when it comes to the cold but she loves the snow. She likes to find the deepest drift and just tears through it like a hurricane. It is great to watch the joy that she gets out of such a simple thing as running full out in snow. We have spent a couple of days at my Aunt's house up in Morrison and we are now bunking down at the Graumann's house in Littleton. We have caught up with all kind of friends: The Matsuda's plus new baby, the whole Todd clan tonight at BD's a Mongolian BBQ place (really cool!), and both of the Graumann clans. It is great to see these faces again and catch up on life. We have so much fun, just laughing and poking fun. It is like we are not away from each other for 360 days a year.
Next on our agenda is Glenwood Springs on New Years day and then Zion National Park for the weekend (yeah, another park to mark off the list).
Here is wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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