Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting Started

Inspired by my former roommates Jill and Amy and their dedication to putting their lives into words I am going to give it a try. First blog, a little introduction to Sherilee:

If you hadn’t notice by the title of my blog I love to hike. I would make a career out of it if I could (National Park Service could be in my future). My recent accomplishments have included Half Dome (Yosemite, CA), Precipice (Acadia, ME), and Cadillac Mountain (Acadia, ME). I am aspiring to accomplish a four day backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon of Tuolumne (Yosemite, CA) sometime next summer.
I am also addicted to travel. I love to go anywhere and everywhere that presents a new challenge or a new experience. My family and I just came back from the Northeastern coast of the US where we were hiking in Acadia National Park one week and doing a major American History rundown the next week (Boston, Philadelphia, Lancaster County, Gettysburg, and DC). It was our first time on the East Coast and we made the most of it. If you have not done such a trip I highly recommend you put it on your “101 things to do before you die” list.
Books – I would read nonstop if I didn’t have to work. Mostly I read historical fiction but I do like the fantasy stuff like vampires and the like. I have recently read The Dark Queen which was great, about a sorceress trying to defeat Catherine Medici. I also started the Drizzt Saga about a dark elf trying to find his place in a world that doesn’t trust his kind (if you like Lord of the Rings I recommend this).
Thanks for dropping by and please come again.


Jill said...

YAYYYYY!!! I just subscribed to your blog. Love it. :) Welcome to the world of blogging, Sherilee!

amy said...

Haha, i was just reading your comment on my blog and noticed that you had a little link under your name and it took me here!!! I look forward to reading! It's interesting how easy it is to "spill" in these blogs. Anyways, hope your week is going well! much love to you.