Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yosemite Falls… Again May 8, 2010

Length: 7.2 miles
Elevation Change: 2,700 feet
People: Mike (Dad), Jeremy, Vitor, Rich and me

Let me start by saying, I think I took an insanity pill on the day I suggested we do this hike. 11 months almost to the day since I did this hike and here I am at it again. What was I thinking?! Had I forgotten the grueling switchbacks up the side of the hill, or the length of the hike? I had not, but I also remembered the stunning views and the sense of accomplishment when I reached the top… and the bottom of the falls. This is what lead me to take this hike again.

We all headed up the morning of the hike with my mom in tow and we all clambered out of the car at Camp 4, base camp for El Capitan. And in order to keep from repeating myself I will direct you to the trail descriptions of the Yosemite Falls hike from June 9, 2010. I will share with you all the wonderful photos I got just to prove to you how worthwhile this hike is.

This trip was a little different, first because it was sunny and beautiful. The weather was perfect for hiking such a strenuous hike.

Second, it was still early May, so there was a ton of snow in the surrounding mountains, making it very picturesque.

And last, there was a lot of water, everywhere on the trail and coming off the falls and coming from mountain side, it made the hike an adventure.

The hike was just as strenuous as before but I did not push myself as hard as last time so I made it to the top in 4 hours instead of 3.5 hours.

What I found at the top was SNOW! Lots and lots of snow. The trail over to the waterfall was covered in snow, and the trail over to the bridge and beyond was all snow.

I found my group, and I found out the Jeremy and Vitor had trekked through the snow and over to the Yosemite Point, the falls overlook, an extra mile of hiking (No Thank You!). I got to spend some time at the top and enjoy the view before I nearly froze.

We all headed back down the trail, I made it back in 2 hours.
Then we headed over the Awahanee for our traditional meal after hiking Yosemite at the bar. It was a wonderful way to end the day. It was also nice to have my mom join us before and after the hike because she could hear all the stories from the group and drive us home when we were all tired.
And I will not end this blog the way I ended my last Yosemite Falls hike, because to be honest, I probably will do this hike again, and it could very well be next year again.

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