Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marble Falls - July 25, 2009

The Stats
8 miles round trip (or so we think)
Somewhere between 1,500 and 2,100 feet elevation gain (we had conflicting sources)
90 degrees at the bottom of the trail
Animals Spotted: 1 goat, a gazillion squirrels, 1 snake, a few lizards
In attendance: Jeremy Cole, Callie Burruss & Me

We set out from Clovis over to Sequoia National Park’s south entrance.
The trail starts you right off with a quick couple of switchbacks up the side of the mountain. Then for the majority of the trip you are going along the side of the canyon steadily up, but it is not down by the river. Jeremy said the trail was recommended in Spring, which I would probably agree with. The scenery was nice, but I could see in the spring it being really lush and green, with a lot more water. And Great Blazes, it was hot. It was still worth it though. I had a moment of weakness in which I stated I might not make it because of the heat, but luckily for me Jeremy kept pushing on and about 2 miles in the trail went under more trees and altitude made it a little cooler. As we started to get closer the rock turned from the expected granite of the Sierras to white marble. It made it really beautiful to come across an outcropping of bright white rocks. Then we got to the falls. It was more of a cascade but it was cascading over enormous boulders of white marble with huge pools of green river water. We immediately took off our shoes and walked through some water up to a place to put our feet in. It felt so good. It was nice and icy cold. Jeremy did some exploring while I sat in the shade and enjoyed the water and scenery. There was a really cool waterfall that fascinated me because it went through this split between 2 boulders and the water did a streaming thing (I don’t know if I can explain it to you so I will show you). After about 30 minutes we zoomed back down the trail. The closer we got to the car and further down we were the hotter it got. It was ridiculously hot by the time we met up with Callie back at the car. We decided to go over to the river by the car and put our feet in. We ran into a family from Hawaii in the river and there was this great spot right below a mini waterfall. The water felt like a Jacuzzi tub on the toes. Then we headed home. It was a pretty quiet ride home as I think we were all tired from the hike and heat.

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