Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life is Good

Liz and I finally got to hang out for the first time in about 3 months. We have seen each other a couple of time but it was more in passing. So she called me on Saturday looking for ideas of where to take her brother-in-law, Jeremy, to show him the Fresno Area, I suggested Bass Lake, because it was getting a little late in the day to do Yosemite. She said they might do that. After that I was thinking, I should totally go with them. I texted her and said I wanted to go. And to make a long story short after several hits and misses in the planning they came and picked me up and we went up to Bass Lake for the afternoon.
It was a lot of fun to just spontaneously do something, get out of Fresno and the heat and enjoy the company of friends. We did a bunch of catching up in the 45 minute drive up the mountain while poor Josh was doing work. Once we got up to Bass Lake the plan was to eat lunch up there and just explore, maybe do a hike. We ended up walking down to the docks by Ducey’s and Josh checked into renting a boat, but it was too expensive. So we ate Lunch at the little restaurant they have, the Lakeside Grill. And after about 3 hours up there we came back into town, which was no big deal because it was fun just to do it. Then Liz invited me to do dinner and a game night. So we went grocery shopping and headed back to her house to hang. I got to play with Baxter and we had fun cooking together (where we did our normal and cooked way too much food). Jeremy made this awesome drink with Malibu Coconut Rum, Lite V8 Splash Mango & Peach, Pinapple Juice and a splash of sprite, can I say YUMMY! Jeremy, Liz and I played a game of scrabble while Josh read. I could not have asked for a better Saturday if I had planned it.

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