Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ode to an Old Friend

I still remember the first time I claimed you as my friend, I told my mom I was too embarrassed to have the big red guy so she sent me you. You took me everywhere. I fondly remember the summer we followed Callie around because the law said we were too young to drive together. The laughs Callie and I had over our two boats of a friend. Then you took me to college. I remember the awe when mom and I came onto campus for the first time to check it out and you just hummed. Because you knew there were greater things awaiting me. When I decided to come home every other weekend you encouraged me. You had cool air and loud tunes to get me home. But when it was time to pile in 5 more friends you just squeezed us into your heart. The time we drove to Pismo in the pouring rain. Then Jacob had to pee really bad on the way back, that I will never forget. The night of our first accident, coming back from Disneyland with the gang at midnight and the 5 was getting backed up. We were alright, but you got a little hurt and you never really recovered. And I initiated you with 2 bumper stickers after that first year of college. And every year after that you were as faithful as ever even though I gave you a few more bumps and bruises and put many miles on you.
Then we came home after college and you took me to interviews. You calmed my nerves by letting me sing out loud where no one else could hear. You got me to my first job and every day after that for 3+ years. That awful moment when I found out your windows would not go up and down. But we still had many laughs about it, especially with the drive thru people at Rally’s. You endured the hit of the little red, fast car even though that scar will never go away. And though we had a few tiffs over little things like rubber, electricity, speakers and waking up in the mornings, you were the constant in my life. You stood up with pride despite all the cruel insults from people who thought you were too old be alive.
When I was forced to leave my job you gently caught my tears as they poured forth that afternoon. You took me to more interviews and sat and waited patiently when I didn’t drive you as much. You got me through 3 month at my new job.
Then you started to cough and heave. You were not well my friend. I tried to put off that you were very sick, but you finally told me you were tired and had nothing left to give. So now I am forced to move on to a newer friend. But always know that you will not be forgotten. You got me through so many years. And all those wonderful first time things and lasting memories, those you can call your own because they can never be with anyone else. You have been great, faithful, a place to rest my weary legs, a shoulder to cry on, and a confidant when I needed one. 9 years and 75,000 miles of friendship is a long time for a friend as old as you.

Bonnie, you will be missed.


Jill said...

This is just BEAUTIFUL! What a great tribute to Bonnie. She will DEFINITELY be missed...she was a wonderful friend and I loved strolling down memory lane reading this. Wonderfully expressed, my friend...just perfect! ;)

amy said...

awww...I almost got tears!! lol. Good ol' Bonnie! She was a solid girl fo sho. Just kept on giving. :)